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‘MAKE AMERICA PAY’ Iran calls on Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad to make Donald Trump ‘regret’ bombing air base

President Hassan Rouhani claimed Donald Trump’s country was not acting ‘within international frameworks’ and should be made to ‘regret ‘ last week’s cruise missile blitz.


His blast comes after both Russian and Iranian military chiefs warned they would retaliate if there were any more strikes against Bashar al-Assad's forces.


Rouhani said: "Americans have never acted within international frameworks, and one instance is the sanctions they impose against Iran, unreasonably considering themselves as the world's leader.


"The Syrian people and army must give a response (to the US) that makes Americans regret their attack."


Last night, in an ominous threat both Iranian and Russian forces said the US President had crossed a 'red line' with the missile attack.


"From now on we will respond with force to any breach of red lines and America knows our ability to respond well," the military chiefs said in a joint statement with militant group Hezbollah.


Russia's Embassy in London hinted at the prospect of 'real war' if Moscow is presented with any ultimatums over its involvement with Syria.


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