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Iran has a vast espionage infrastructure in Germany that coordinates with its embassy in Berlin.

The federal prosecutor in Germany announced on Monday the indictment of a Pakistani man allegedly commissioned by Iran’s regime to spy on the head of the German-Israel friendship society, as well as economic entities.


The indictment of the 31-year-old citizen of Pakistan, Syed Mustufa H, said he is suspected of intelligence activity from July 2015 to July 2016 on behalf of Iran's regime. The federal prosecutor alleged that Syed Mustufa H spied on "institutions and persons."


The indictment states the accused was in contact since 2011 with a person from Iran’s intelligence agency who is responsible for espionage in Europe. ­ The indictment said Syed Mustufa spied on an economic college in Paris, a professor who teaches at the college, as well as the former head of the German-Israel friendship society.


Iran’s regime paid Syed Mustufa for the information he secured, according to the indictment.


In July, a Berlin court convicted an Iranian man of espionage on behalf of Iran’s regime. The 32-year-old man was sentenced to nearly two and- a-half years in prison for spying on Iranian dissidents in Germany.


According to German intelligence reports reviewed by The Jerusalem Post, Iran ratcheted up its spy network in the Federal Republic in 2015. Iran has a vast espionage infrastructure in the country that coordinates with its embassy in Berlin.


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