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Iran Nuclear Deal Fix It Or Nix It

In October, President Trump received a chorus of catcalls when he refused to "recertify" Iran's compliance with Barack Obama's flawed nuclear weapons deal with that country. The Europeans, Russia, China and numerous domestic pundits and politicians (including some within Trump's own government) were critical.

The agreement, negotiated in 2015, put Iran on a glide path to legally developing nuclear weapons in less than a decade. The thing to remember is that all Obama did was to delay, not stop, Iran from doing just what North Korea is doing: obtaining nukes and building a formidable nuclear force for the future. Moreover, Iran was, in effect, given a free hand to develop the ballistic missiles that could deliver those weapons of annihilation to the U.S., not to mention to Europe and to Iran's neighbors in the Mideast, principally Israel.

So poor a negotiator was the former president that he didn't insist on such conditions as Iran's ceasing its massive support of terrorism, its egregious human rights abuses and its imperialist ambitions to make Syria, Lebanon, Yemen (which sits alongside one of the world's most critical waterways) and Iraq into virtual satraps of Tehran and to turn Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the gulf oil countries into satellites.

The basic rap against Trump regarding this deal is that Iran, supposedly, hasn't technically violated the accord. Therefore, why should we be worrying about what happens down the road when there's so much trade to be had with this once-pariah state? After all, even the U.S. could share in this booty, as evidenced by Boeing's $17 billion aircraft deal.


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