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Iran Will Quickly Relaunch Nuclear Program if Trump Trashes Deal

Iran says that if US President Donald Trump carries through with his vow to “tear up” the controversial nuclear deal with Tehran, it will quickly relaunch its nuclear program.


Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s vice-president and head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), said on Sunday that if Trump wants to tear up the deal, Iran will “act appropriately.”


“We can very easily snap back and go back… not only to where we were, but a much higher position technologically speaking,” Salehi stated, according to Iran’s Fars news.


Tehran stated several times that the nuclear deal has benefited its nuclear capabilities. “We did once before… that deal didn’t work and Iran was able to go back to its nuclear activities with high speed,” Salehi said.


“I don’t want to see that day. I don’t want to make a decision in that course, but we are prepared,” he stated ominously.

Trump has called the deal the worst ever made and promised during his campaign to seek a better one.


Salehi said he watched the inauguration with the expectation that Trump would mention Iran or the nuclear deal, but he did not mention either, and in his opinion that was “positive.”


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