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Khamenei to US: Your military ‘can’t do a damn thing’ to us


Photo Credit: AP

Iran’s supreme leader bragged Wednesday that the US “can’t do a damn thing” to harm his country’s nuclear facilities. And he warned that Iran will not sit down for further talks about its nuclear program when it is being threatened with military action, citing comments from two unnamed US officials.


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also urged Iranian negotiators to not suffer “humiliation” or retreat beyond the “red lines” of national interest, hours after officials in Brussels and Tehran said they would resume talks next week to nail down a definitive accord on Iran’s nuclear program.

Speaking to teachers as Iran marked its national teacher’s day, Khamenei said that negotiating under threat is “unacceptable.”


“How dare US officials threaten Iran militarily?” Khamenei asked. “Recently two US officials threatened to take military action against Iran. What does negotiation mean under ghost of a threat?”


“Negotiation under threat is meaningless and the Iranian nation does not tolerate negotiation under the shadow of threat,” he said, according to the semi-official Fars news agency.


“First of all, you can’t do a damn thing,” he added. “Secondly, as I had already stated during the term of the former US president, the era of hit and run is long gone and the Iranian nation will not let go anyone intending to make an aggression.”


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